Plymouth Argaum Player Recruitment 2011/12

This season we celebrate 125 years since we we were formed and in that time we have provided rugby for countless players. We want you to be part of that this season and we are running the following teams:

Senior Mens

Senior Team Training on Tuesday & Thursday evenings and playing on Saturdays we are running two sides who play in Plymouth, Devon & National Competitions. We have a young squad and are looking for players of all ages and abilities to join our squad at this exciting time. We are a good social side with an annual tour at Easter. Contact Gary Michael to found out how to get involved.


Training on Wednesday evenings and playing on Saturday afternoons, we have a young squad playing in the Devon Merit Table. We are looking for players between 16 and 18 (school year 12 and 13 equivalent) to join this squad. We also have an annual tour around Easter. Please contact Neil Bond to find out more.

Under 14s

Training on Wednesday evenings and playing on Sunday mornings, this side formed at the beginning of last season but have produced some very good results in their short time together. We play mainly friendlies but also enter the Devon Cup and Festivals. A tour at Easter is also planned. Contact Mark Albiston to find out more.  

Existing Club Members

Please download poster at the bottom of this article and distribute in your school, workplace, club etc. To avoid duplication it would be great if you could also let me know where you have put the poster up by sending a message or by commenting below.