Season 1902-03

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1st XV 1902-03 1st XV 1902-03

The first discoverable press reference is to be found on 4th November 1902 - a fixture against Pembroke United, but the reporting did not extend to the result.

However, for a fixture on 13th November 1902, the following team was published to play Newton College - on the College ground of course, as it was some 35 years on that the Club acquired a home ground :
E. Lake, H. Glanfield, A. C. Grigg, C. G. Sweet, S. C. Langford, F. A. Lewis, E. A. Richardson, W. A. Griffiths, E. W. Dudley, E. de Ridder, E. Richmond, A. Mattheson, T. Vosper, and L.A. Clifford.
The club has in its possession, a Plymouth Argaum "cap" from this team, presented by Mr. Ernest Lake. The writer had the privilege of knowing Mr. Lake in the latter’s closing years and with the advantage of hindsight, bitterly regrets he did not then pursue the Club's early history with him. Mr. Lake was for many years a surveyor with the Great Western Railway and, in part, responsible for the Keyham viaduct (now to be demolished). Incidentally, Mr. Lake also presented the club clock, which still performs valiantly in the Clubhouse today.

On 15th November 1902, two days after the Newton College game, with D. Stanton replacing Glanfield and Hamilton for Vosper, the club lost its first recorded result to R.N.E. College III by a margin of 4-3 goals. In the following week, they lost again to the town side at Modbury, by a score of 3-9, when playing one short. There follows a gap in results and reports which resumed in December, when away to Kelly College, when the club lost 8-19 - a goal and a try to 2 goals and 3 tries. However, the following week, with a score of 24-3, is the first record of a club win - this over Newton College. The week after (with a team of Mattheson, Hamilton, Grigg, de Bennett, Saret, Woolley, Stanton, Richmond, Lewis, Dudley, Griffiths, S.D. Hamilton, Dudley and A.N. Other) Argaum succeeded against Ivybridge Reserves, to the tune of 13-0 (2 goals and a try). A further Argaum cap, this time that of E . V. Woolley, is in the Club's possession.

1903 records defeats at Bere Alston 3-4, Modbury 3-9 and Pembroke United 0-6 at Beaconsfield, played 'under unfavourable climatic conditions', the home side having a slight lead throughout. Thereafter followed Ivybridge, presumably this time their 1st XV, where, 'the home side's mobile pack had matters much in their own hands and scored a goal, a try, and a penalty goal to a try'. On 14th January a journey to Tiverton to play Blundells School. In those days the journey would have been made by train, which must have occupied a full morning. The result - and a report of some length - records a win for the school 6-0. The report speaks of 'Lake getting away with a fine sprint but failing to get through. Argaum's forwards were playing grandly and Richmond was tackled on the line. Sweet obtained from a scrum and dodged through but was held just outside - a pleasant game ended with Blundells 6 Argaum 0'. A 3-3 draw v Bere Alston, a marginal improvement on the New Year's result, and Hope Utd a similar score (Street Penalty Goal ). On March 21st R.N.E. College III provided, yet again, a rare victory for the club 8-3 with tries by Sweet and Richmond and a conversion by Grigg. Thereafter, the College did most of the attacking, but were restricted to a goal from a mark. After the match, at the invitation of the Committee, the Argaum club entertained members , the students (RNEC), and friends to a smoking concert at Farley's Hotel, since alas, destroyed in the Plymouth blitz! The season wound up with a 0-0 draw v Pembroke Utd and wins to the extent of 8-0 v Ivybridge and 14-0 v Hope Utd at the Rectory where, leading 3-0 at half time, Argaum made their superiority more pronounced in the second half, scoring in all a goal and three tries. The team selected were Mattheson, R.L. Bryant, C. Street, E.D. Coppin, Lake, Sweet, Grigg, Waters, de Ridder, S.F. Dudley, P.H. Stidston, G.B. Hunt, Dixon and A N Other.

Season 1902-03 contains a fair number of results and accounts, attributable most likely to P. E. Canning-Bailey. The selected teams contained some 7 or 8 'regulars', whilst towards the end of the season A.P. Heard was amongst those consistently chosen - 'shades of Argaum Villas'. An interesting sidelight on two of the regulars A.C. Grigg and F.A. Lewis, was that the previous season, they had been playing for Plymouth Argyle Reserves, who at that time were regularly fielding two XVs under the Rugby Union Code.

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  • 1st XV Captain: A C Greig
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