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We've been gathering some of the best rugby-related video content around to show on this page. If you have any suggestions for other links then please send them to the webmaster. In the meantime, settle back and enjoy The Argaum Video Room.

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I had an enquiry before Christmas from Bob Browning who played for the club in the 1960s and although not a regular managed to get selected for the Argaum XV against a Devon County side in April 1962. The match was part of the club's 75th Anniversary Celebrations. Bob, a former St Boniface pupil and now resident in Bournemouth, takes up the story.

At the last PAPPA reunion in December 2018 we were very grateful to be presented with a record of the 1966-67 season by Bill Ryan. Bill was Argaum's 1st XV skipper that season and kept an account of the season complete with his own summaries and observations from each match.

Last Saturday saw the end of an era as Club President Steve Barnes played what was probably his last game for the club before he leaves the area to work in the Orkney Islands.

Union Street is a place that has undergone massive change in recent years and you may have noticed that the building once occupied by Feneck’s Military Tailors is now home to Sloggett & Son, ‘Seller of Interesting Things’. Last year I was reading an article about the shop, which sells a range of vintage and antique furniture and homeware, when I realised a possible connection with Plymouth Argaum.

1989-90 Argaum Scrapbook

It's just about 60 years ago that Argaum started work on building the clubhouse. With the help of donations, an RFU loan and an awful lot of hard work the club were in possession of their own facilities for the first time in their history, a facility the envy of many at the time.

Communication within the club has always been important, whether to publicise events, welcome new members or recognize achievements on and off the field. In the pre-internet days this generally took the form of newsletters and Argaum had their own internal newspaper, albeit on a very occasional basis, The Argus.

Download the newsletter attached (see link at the bottom of this article).

Argaum Argus November 1958

Argaum Argus January 1958

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