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Season 1922-23

The opening game on 9th September against Plymouth Albion Reserves was lost 3-15, Jack Daly "a terror for work, wonderfully fit, and worthy for first class rugby" (and inherited from the YMCA) scoring Argaum's try.

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Albion Reserves 0 Plymouth Argaum 0

Play at Beacon Park favoured Argaum, but good work by the home backs prevented a score. Pearce once struck the crossbar in attempting to drop a goal, and soon after another attempt by Keen missed by inches only. The latter half was more evenly contested. Hutchings was the star performer the Albion ranks, while Keast and Rowe were always prominent. For the visitors none did better than Beer, and Pearce was always dangerous. The game ended in a point-less draw.

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Barnstaple 12 Plymouth Argaum 8

The visitors Bank Holiday were .Plymouth Argaum, a Services' team that has made a name for itself in the past two seasons, with many notable wins to its credit. Except that Collins took the place of Savory, the Barum team was the same as on Saturday, Argaum comprising Beer; Burch. Bregan, Hawk, Ward; Heard, Pearce; Pool, Martin, Beever, Hodge, Heard, Keen, Daly, Jolley. Conditions were again against good football—rain and hail fell during the second half, making ball and ground very heavy—but there was another rattling display. Barum featured at the start with open work, and securing from a scrum Peel was nearly over. Then Bregan, Hawk, and Ward, initiated a fine round of passing on the visitors' side, and Bregan scored grandly, Beer converting. Barnstaple again gained the upper hand, and Peel raced over at the corner, but the three points were not improved upon. Onwards Argaum's defence was severely tested, but half-time they were two points to the good—a goal to a try. Shortly after the re start H. S. Jones only missed dropping a goal by inches, whilst Kingdon, after a clinking run presented to an opponent after he had looked like scoring. Barnstaple kept up the pressure, and Peel aroused much enthusiasm another fine try following rousing rush. A few minutes later Fewings kicked, followed up and tackled, and Stribling racing up carried over the line with another try. Argaum now had a look in, but soon Barum removed the venue, and Casey led up to a splendid try Snow. When Argaum again attacked it was to score through Daly, who ran some little distance down the touch-line. Onwards, Barnstaple were predominant, but without further result, the homesters winning by four tries to one goal and a try. Argauni proved a level resourceful side: but were really not in it with Barum. All the raggedness and lack, finish play noticeable until quite recently has now disappeared; and the whole team now performs like clock work. The President (Dr. J. R. Harper), himself a great footballer in his day, enthusiastically declared that Barum is now good as in the palmy days, and coming from such an acknowledged authority, this is praise indeed.

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