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Seasons 1939-1946


Had Season 1939 - 40 taken its normal course, Tony Birnage would have been invited to continue for a third term as Captain, and Peter Matthews and Tom Hitchins joint Secretaries. A fixture list for two teams was completed when other events intervened. It should perhaps be said that since the Munich agreement Tom Hitchins had been a vigorous - and successful - propogandist for the Territorial Army amongst Club members, with the result that by the official outbreak of the second world war more than 50% of the Club members were already in uniform. If the outbreak of war left the Club without fixtures, it did not leave them without matches as the Western Independent (pictorially) recorded. First the marriage of Reverend J Molland and Miss Sloggett. John then recently returned from India where he held a Chaplaincy (No mention of Rugby in India) and Harold Sloggett’s sister - Sloggett a name synonymous with Argaum. Next that of George Cross, amongst other accomplishments captain of Devon’s Bisley Rifle team; and thirdly, at St Gabriels Church "Miss Peggy Pattison, leading comedienne in the Plymouth Amateur Operatic Society was married to Mr. T.K. Hitchins, now serving with the Territorial Army who is also a member of the Society - noticeably, throughout, any reference to Plymouth Argaum RFC is firmly suppressed.

Published in The 1930s