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Argaum Banish 88 Years of Hurt!

Ellis Cup final - Plymouth Argaum 10 Plymstock Albion Oaks II 3

Ramsay Macdonald formed the first Labour Government and Eric Liddell broke the 400m record at the Paris Olympics the last time Plymouth Argaum got their hands on a Combination Cup!

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Tigers Under 13s In Competitive Action

Argaum Tigers Under 13s, who formed at the start of the season, have been steadily growing in numbers and are now tasting some match action.

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Plymstock 25 Argaum Colts 11

Argaum produced a fine second half fightback in this passionate and at times bruising local derby. Argaum were caught defending too narrow on a number of occasions in the first half which allowed the experienced home side to run in 4 tries one of which was converted.

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